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To those that know me, it is no secret that I like sports. When the Olympics roll around I find a new sense of fascination in watching competitions I otherwise pay very little attention to.  There is so much on the line for these athletes who make it their lives to be in this moment.

I find great metaphors for life and for my work in watching how these athletes deal with the pressure that they are under in representing their nation.  The scrutiny of the judges, broadcasters and spectators as well as the demands that they put upon their bodies to perform at the highest of calibers.  Few will stand on the podiums but I walk away with admiration for all of these people that have the will to press through the demands, the risks, and the possibility of public international humiliation.

I even find inspiration in the commercials.  Consider this Olympic themed script from a Powerade advertisement:

“Now here’s the reality of it. You don’t want to be walking off with any regrets. Be annoyed. Go cry. You’re on the line between breaking point and breaking through. In struggle, you’ll find strength. Now get over that line! Dig for that extra inch! Take the best you can do! And do better! Every second is a moment in time. But this second is a moment in history.”

This is how I want to live out my life as a youth worker as I am seeking to represent the kingdom of God.  It is not an easy task and it would be easy to give up, but it takes great drive, commitment and sacrifice to endure.  Many times I have to remind myself that I am not called to be successful but to be faithful - to press on with my best despite the results.  In time we can see the fruit of our
labors.  I’ve included a magazine produced by my organization on a story of one young lady I’ve worked with for many years.  As you read her story, know that I have poured out everything I have for kids like this.  Your investment in me is for moments like this.  It may not be as internationally recognized as a gold medal but it is a moment in history.

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- Danny Ferguson


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