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Living in the now while anticipating the future is the paradox that I find myself to be living in lately.  In a few short months, Matt and I will be welcoming our first child into the world - something that we have longed and prayed for. In a few short months, I will be entering into a different stage of life. One that is hard to imagine as almost every aspect of it is foreign to me. I anticipate the future with excitement and eagerness. I cannot wait to hold my baby for the first time and I love the idea of nurturing another being and devoting my time and energy to a tiny human.

I also find myself grieving what I will be putting aside for a time. My job with Youth Unlimited has fulfilled a part of me that I did not realize I needed so bad. I have found an identity within this organization and I struggle to imagine going a year without it.

Since joining the Langley Youth Unlimited team 3 years ago, I have witnessed a lot of ups and downs within our team. We have grown from a team of five to eight and have a strong presence in five schools, with at least two more asking us to be involved in some aspect.  In 2017, over 60 youth made active steps towards a relationship with Jesus. We have walked alongside many youth battling a silent fight with mental health, others who have lost loved ones, are without a family or feel misunderstood by the adult figures in their life. I have seen countless times where my coworkers have been able to step in and be a positive role model, a listening ear or the shoulder to cry on and I am so proud to work with individuals who love Jesus and care so deeply for these youth to know Him.

I will miss my coworkers deeply and will miss seeing and hearing first hand about the joys and sorrows of each week but I do not have to say goodbye yet. For now, I will continue to focus and pour my energy into my work with Youth Unlimited Langley. Matt and I will still volunteer on a weekly basis at our Wednesday programs and I will be grateful that God has given me 3 years of challenge, encouragement and growth with a team of people who have become family.

- Megan Adam


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