Relying On My Intuitions

Team building with Student Life

Intuition is something that I have learned is very important when it comes to working with teenagers. Especially since they are not always an open book about everything going on in their lives. I do not consider myself to be your “typical” youth worker (then again, who really is?) because I would describe myself as an introvert. At times it can be hard when your job revolves around meeting new people everyday, especially teenagers! However, with my introverted personality comes other skills and gifts that I am learning I can bring to our team with Youth Unlimited. I have strong insights into people’s emotions and moods which helps in understanding how they are feeling. I am able to pick up on body language, facial expressions and tone of voice to better understand and empathize with them. 

This intuition helped me in a situation with a teenager. It was during one of our regular Wednesday night programs when I spotted Sophia by herself and not engaging with the rest of her friends. Since our programs can be very busy and hectic, I did not get a chance to actually chat with her that evening. However, when our programs ended and the students left, I had this strong sense that I needed to contact Sophia. I sent her a quick text saying “Hey, I’m sorry I didn’t manage to talk with you tonight but you looked upset. Is everything ok?”. Her response was something no one ever wants to hear. She replied, “I am actually considering suicide right now.” My heart broke, but I knew what I had to do. I immediately called her and talked her through the situation. After I knew she was safe, I spoke with her parents and updated them on what had gone on. This can be the tough part of our job as youth workers, however, it was still a moment that I am thankful to have been a part of. This is just one of the moments I have been able to intercede into the life of a youth and that is because I took a moment to trust my intuition. Sometimes a life can depend on it. 

I believe in the work that the Langley Youth Unlimited team does and the genuine relationships we build with the youth. In order to keep building these relationships I ask for your prayers and to consider financially supporting me. I am currently trying to raise $1100 in monthly pledges. By reaching this goal I will be able to work with more youth that are on the fringes who are in dire need of a friend; someone like Sophia. Your role as a supporter makes it possible to do just that. Consider working alongside me in transforming the lives of these youth. 

- Savannah Deepwell


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