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The Good in Goodbye

A baking day I lead for the youth. This newsletter marks the last time I will be updating you on my ministry with Youth Unlimited before I begin my Maternity Leave on May 14th. The last couple of months have been busy and exciting. Personally, Matt and I enjoyed celebrating my sister, Kim’s, marriage to her husband, Nathaniel. Matt thoroughly enjoyed his week-long trip to Guatemala where he was able to be a part of two home builds, food and clothing distribution and the assembly of 47 wheelchairs for those in need. I was able to enjoy a week of ‘staycation’ where I spent time resting, getting things ready for the baby and prepping for my sister’s  wedding. The pace at work slowed down substantially as we took a three-week break from our programs for Spring Break. During this time my co-workers spent a lot of their time meeting with students, taking them on field trips, which included a trip to Castle Fun Park as well as a local monastery, and preparing for the final

Two Worlds Apart

High tea with Brittany For some, Spring Break may bring up visions of a beach vacation away from the dreary weather of the Lower Mainland.  Even if we can’t get out of town, a break from the normal routine is nice.   However, for many youth, the break from school removes the only healthy structure that they have in their lives. As a result, spring break can be a busy season for youth workers.  This year, our team dedicated multiple days to outings and field trips with the youth that could give them something of value to base their time off of school on.  It is always fascinating hanging out with youth outside of their normal routines. When you go out and participate in an activity  together, you connect and grow your relationship. Not only that, we are shaping ways in which they can practice self-care in the times they may be lacking structure. This spring break we offered a mix of activities from silly to  serious.  We did art projects, played video games, watched  movies a


A trip to Kelowna with several youth Here are a couple of my favorite quotes from students over the last few months: “ Life is great because I finally have a place where I fit in. Everyone here is so accepting, I’m so happy to finally fit in somewhere.” “It was my first time here tonight, and immediately when I walked in the room I felt safe. I don’t get that feeling anywhere, not even places I’m already comfortable, so I will definitely be coming back.” Over the last few months I have been thinking a lot about belonging. What does it mean to belong? How important is it for us, as humans, to have that sense of belonging? Studies within Canada reveal that 25-30% of Canadians, throughout the different age groups, are reporting persistent loneliness or social isolation. This is most common in adolescence and young adults, along with elderly people. To me, this number is crazy! That means more than one in every four people do not have somewhere or someone they can co