The Good in Goodbye

A baking day I lead for the youth.

This newsletter marks the last time I will be updating you on my ministry with Youth Unlimited before I begin my Maternity Leave on May 14th.

The last couple of months have been busy and exciting. Personally, Matt and I enjoyed celebrating my sister, Kim’s, marriage to her husband, Nathaniel. Matt thoroughly enjoyed his week-long trip to Guatemala where he was able to be a part of two home builds, food and clothing distribution and the assembly of 47 wheelchairs for those in need. I was able to enjoy a week of ‘staycation’ where I spent time resting, getting things ready for the baby and prepping for my sister’s 

The pace at work slowed down substantially as we took a three-week break from our programs for Spring Break. During this time my co-workers spent a lot of their time meeting with students, taking them on field trips, which included a trip to Castle Fun Park as well as a local monastery, and preparing for the final three months of the school year.

One of my favourite parts of working alongside my coworkers during our Wednesday programs has been getting to do this alongside Matt. I have had the privilege of watching him love on and care for the youth who come through the doors of the hangar. Recently he was sharing about a student who had really captured his attention. Through interacting with this closed-off individual, he could tell that there were events that had happened in this individual’s life that were robbing them of experiencing joy. After several weeks of building a relationship with this student, he decided it was time to try and break down some of the walls they had built up. With tears in his eyes, he shared with the student how seeing them in such a deep place of hurt broke his heart and how he wanted them to be able to experience freedom from whatever was holding them captive. The next time Matt saw them, they shared many of the horrible things that had happened to them throughout their childhood. When he asked them why they chose to share these experiences with him, they said it was because he was the first person who seemed like he genuinely cared. Since then, this student has begun to open up more and is taking steps towards experiencing healing.

Goodbyes are hard but God is good. We are so excited to get to meet the little one who has been growing inside of me for the past 8 months. We look forward to hearing of and experiencing more of the wonderful things God is doing with Langley Youth Unlimited while I take time to dive into my new role as ‘mother’. Things will be different, but different is not bad and I am genuinely excited for what is to come.

- Megan Adam


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