Introducing: Kim

Hi there. My name is Kim and as of May 14, I will officially be taking over as the Administrative Assistant to Langley Youth Unlimited while Megan, the usual administrator, is on maternity leave. I have served in a similar capacity for the past couple of years in both professional and volunteer settings. I am so excited for this opportunity to work alongside and support the staff here. Working with youth has always been a passion of mine and what a blessing it is to now call it my occupation. 

Having met this group of amazing people before, it is so exciting to be there to ensure all the details aren’t missed so that they are able to serve the youth to the best of their abilities without worrying about the little things.  

I was told that I don’t have to be crazy to take the job, that such things will be taught along the way, and I have no doubt that will be true! I already may be one step closer as I brought a little crazy in with me. 

Currently I am working alongside Megan to gain an understanding of her role. I have had the opportunity to be a part of the programs run through this organization and can honestly say, in the past two weeks I have already seen just how much of an impact this group of people has on these youth. I am looking forward to the opportunity to further their impact from behind the scenes and striving towards making an even bigger impact on this community.

- Kim Solomon


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