The Magic of Numbers

Spending time with youth and coworkers

Hello! I hope this letter finds you well.

We are at the end of another school year so I wanted to give you a quick recap on a few highlights and some numbers from the last year.


We had the privilege of attending a few different trauma workshops throughout the year. We had one on ACE’s (Adverse Childhood Experiences) and also a trauma skills workshop. Both of these training sessions were very helpful and left me feeling informed and better equipped to work with people that have experienced trauma in their lives. I learned that one of the most important things is providing a safe space for people, which is one of the things we aim to provide for our youth. Thank you for this opportunity.

This past month has also been exciting for me, as some youth I have been walking alongside with for 8 years are graduating! I had first met them when they were in the fifth grad  and have been with them through many of their life struggles. Some of these struggles being mental health problems, suicide attempts, self harm, family health and addiction problems, and deaths in their families. I am SO THANKFUL to have had the opportunity to meet them when I did and act as their support. Thank you for this opportunity.

This past month, I also had the opportunity of watching one of our youth get baptized. I have been hanging out with this person over the last 3 years and have walked alongside them through some difficult times in life. Thank you for this opportunity.

Here are some fun numbers from the last year:

Our spiritual life program has grown, and we are now seeing between 10 – 20 youth a week. Over the course of the year we have had 357 students attend.

Our weekly Creative Life programs, the Hangar Drop-In, and community dinner have had between 45- 60 students a week. Throughout the year we have had around 1217 students attending these programs. Even on the very last day it was growing, with 4 new youth coming out.

Over the last year YU/YFC Canada has:
   - Run over 900 programs country wide
   - Connected with 192,820 children and youth
   - 11,278 youth in discipleship programs
   - 5,775 volunteers and 819 staff throughout the country

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to go out into the community and love people where they are. I am so thankful for you all!

- Amy Seiler


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