Moments of Summer

Learning to skateboard

Summer has come to an end and we are back in September. You may wonder, do I still work in summer? I assure you that I very much do!

This summer started off with a work conference that a large portion of our organization from across Canada attended. It was a time to meet together and hear the stories of youth workers across our nation. It was also a refreshing time of learning in classes and connecting with God. During this time, there was a graduation ceremony for all who finished their credentialing process to become clergy. As my name was called to walk across the stage, I heard screaming. It became increasingly louder and suddenly, there on stage in front of me was my boss Danny and my co-worker Philippa, holding signs and yelling and cheering as loud as they could with the rest of my team celebrating from the back. All I could do was stand there and laugh; it was quite the show!

When we arrived back from our conference, fall planning started. We decided it was time to change things up, which meant a lot of manual labour for the rest of the summer. It was a nice change in pace and already the facility is looking much better! This year I had the opportunity to drive and volunteer at an RCMP cadet camp. For three day, I drove a busload of middle school youth from Aldergrove to the Langley Event Centre for their cadet training. I helped with the P.A.R.E obstacle course, self-defence and crime scene investigation. I was privileged to have a student I often work with at Stafford attending the camp, as well as his friend. I was able to build a deeper relationship with both boys while volunteering for the community police.

After cadet camp I jetted off to England for a couple weeks of vacation.Returning home I was met with more manual labour, buying all the fun stuff for the hangar like unicycles and air hockey, many one-on-one’s, a trip to Playland, networking with people in the community, and fundraising. It was a full summer and it feels like the fall in some respects will be quieter… I will have to wait and see!

Heart Warming Moments 

I wanted to share an email I received at the start of the summer from a youth I spend quite a bit of my time with. It was so encouraging to me!

“I just wanna say thank you for the gift from Friday your so sweet kind caring and supportive to me. I’m proud to call you my best friend you are always there for me when I need you I feel really close to you as a best friend we should totally hang out this summer so you can teach me how to skateboard when you’re free. Thanks for caring a lot about me when I’m at the hangar and you are also so helpful with me with ideas when I’m getting treated badly at school you are the sweetest girl that I have ever met.

Thanks for everything Rachel  I really appreciate everything that you do for me when I’m mad or upset about something you are awesome too I can’t wait to hangout with you in the summer have a great summer”

The school year is upon us! Grade 6 intake day is over and the students seem eager and hesitant to start their new school. I understand the feeling, as I connect with students and staff that I know but also knowing I have much more responsibility this school year. Here goes nothing…

- Rachel Tapp


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