Happy New Year!

Coffee time chats

September is a Youth Worker’s new year. With schools starting back up, programs to plan and launch, and relationships to rekindle after the summer months- it has been a busy time. Let me share with you a little of what my new year in Langley looks like!

The new year has brought lots of change to our team structure and programs. To ensure that I am experiencing and learning all that I can in my apprenticeship year, I am going to be working for the rest of the year at R.E Mountain Secondary School and will be supervised by Derian, who has been doing youth work for almost 20 years and also played a huge role in my Lifeteams year. I can’t wait to get connected at Mountain and to watch and learn from Derian!

To ensure that relationships are stewarded well with students and that I have adequate time to complete the credentialing process, my apprenticeship has been extended to the end of this school year (June 2019). At this time I am still discerning where I am to be next, but am excited to be continuing my training to better walk alongside vulnerable teens.

A student that many of you have heard me talk about before, who recently graduated from high school, met with me for coffee and shared with me her dream of launching a young adults group. She so valued the safe community and space to dive into deeper conversations that our Wednesday night programs provided during high school, that now her dream is to continue that by facilitating a small group for her peers. She has asked me to mentor her as she takes this hugely courageous step forward. 

As my apprenticeship has been extended, so my financial needs for this ministry have also extended. To continue this work for the school year, I am looking for $1000 more in monthly donations. If you would like to begin or alter your financial support, you can do so by calling the Greater Vancouver Youth Unlimited head office or by filling out and mailing in the enclosed form. Thank you for your ongoing love and support as I walk alongside these teens, and continue to grow as a youth worker. 

- Philippa Chapman


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