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Our renovated "Living Room"

Happy New Year Friends and Family!

I hope the holidays have treated you all well and you were able to enter into the new year surrounded by loved ones and ready for whatever 2019 will bring you.

For my small family, we enjoyed our Christmas season with family, friends and a quick trip to the island to visit some dear friends of ours. Roland is in full toddler mode and we are having a blast with his constant new discoveries and words and find ourselves laughing with him everyday with his big personality. For Kirstie, she is heading into a couple months of schooling to complete her emergency specialty program. This will be the first time in our relationship that we wont have shift work in our lives! Pretty exciting for us as we’ll get to experience a different normal.

For my bigger family with our teens here in Langley, Christmas season can be a tough time because unlike a lot you reading this, family isn’t always the best or safest place for them. I think especially of a young friend of mine who had things fall apart last spring and had nothing to look forward to this Christmas as he’s been rebuilding a life on his own. It’s an honour for me to be able to share into his life and be a consistent presence, friend, counsel, and father figure- and yes, all these roles fall under the title of ‘youth worker’. Sharing in life with this young man is so much more than putting ABCs in a row. It’s about being there in the ebbs and flows of life to show and reflect how Christ has been there in my own ebbs and flows and to tangibly show His love to this young man and to all the others in my own “parish”.

Continue to pray with us this year as we’re continuing to show what Home is to our teens and what being apart of a family can be like. Not just at our Wednesday night programs but also in their schools, in our provision of needs for them, and in our after school investment time. Pray that they can feel that they belong to our family no matter what.

Finally, I wish to express my deepest thankfulness for all of you who partner with me, and both my small and large family, on this journey. I have been overwhelmed again by consistent support and met needs to keep me involved here with Youth Unlimited Langley. Truly, thank you. When it comes to raising a family, it truly does take a village! So thank you for being a part of that.

- Jon Pue


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