Worthy of Love

Spiritual Life Q & A Session
Working in a team can be tough yet so rewarding. With Youth Unlimited, you are working alongside staff who have the same passion and goals in mind - that is to love youth, see the best in their lives and introduce them to Jesus. It is very rare that we get to see stories fully through with youth; often small parts of their lives fall through the cracks. As a team ,we debrief after our Wednesday programs. We talk about the night and share any highlights and low moments from the evening. Just before Christmas, a couple of us put together the pieces of a beautiful story that came about throughout that particular evening. If it wasn’t’ for us sitting down after to look back at the night, we would have never seen the story come to life that brought many of us to tears.

This story is about a girl named Holly (name has been changed). She has been going through a lot of mental health issues as well as expressing to us multiple times the lack of love and friends she has. She comes regularly to our programs and although she is still very reserved, you can tell this has become home for her. One particular night in Spiritual Life, the youth and staff were asked to write letters to Jesus, whether they knew him, believed in him, etc. Holly mentioned to a volunteer who she has rarely interacted with that “something feels different here tonight.” One thing led to another and our volunteer was sitting and praying with Holly, asking God to be a part of her life and she accepted. Later she was speaking with one of our interns, saying she “still felt different”. Little did Holly know that this intern had a letter for her, right in his pocket waiting for her. He grabbed it and gave it to her. It was a letter sharing how much God loved her, she was completely shocked because now it was two people in the same night who had told her the same thing.

Some nights when we are working with the youth, I wonder why we are playing Mario Kart for the 10th time in a row. When we get to share Jesus with the youth, it is an exciting time, especially when multiple people were used to bring them to that point. At times we can feel trapped trying to get to know the youth just to get past surface level conversations. Yet it’s in nights like that when we can come together and hear the story in full. Holly was searching for love and our staff, interns and volunteers got the amazing opportunity to share God’s love. Now we can only hope and pray that she continues in this journey and allows God to make her feel like the worthy girl she is.

- Savannah Notenbomer


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