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Bringing Lost Souls Home

I was driving along one day when a small kitten darted out in front of my car.  As I was driving a long way off from any sort of residential neighborhood, I pulled over and walked back to find the little fellow.  I’m not much of a cat person but in this moment of finding an obviously terrified, semi-wild, young kitten with matted fur and dried blood on its face, compassion got the better of me and I just wanted to bring this guy home.  I knew that my house would be a much safer environment for him.  Providing safety for a hungry, hurting, kitty outweighed my lack of enthusiasm for having an animal live in our house.

As a youth worker, it is a similar experience. While going through the normal routines of the day, we notice when something is out of place.  We take the time to pull over, to investigate and to see what sort of response is needed.  Many youth are semi-wild due to a lack of proper human interaction with their families, such as abuse and neglect.  Other have faced unspeaka…

Getting to the Heart

My name is Megan Adam and I am the Executive Assistant for Langley Youth Unlimited, currently on maternity leave. I have worked with Derian for 4 years now and have seen him grow in so many different areas of his life during this time. Not only has he played a role in my own spiritual life but he also continues to make a positive impact for the students and Langley team.
One of the things I love about Derian is his willingness to ask the tough questions. He is not afraid to get his hands dirty and go right to the issues of the heart. This can be a bit of a shock to youth, who are often not ready to share on that level but because of his boldness, I have seen youth open up in ways that possibly would have not happened otherwise. Because of his bravery, youth’s lives are being changed. These questions and promptings are causing them to think about parts of their lives in ways they have not before, often times leading to reflection and desire for change.
I believe that when Derian sees …

People, Not Players

As some of you already know I have had the opportunity to coach basketball at H.D. Stafford. It started out as an assistant coaching position with a teacher who works at the school. We started hosting practices and as the numbers of grade six girls kept pouring in, it became evident that I would be coaching a team on my own. I wasn’t sure I was ready for the responsibility of thirteen girls - taking them to games, coaching them, and helping them develop character in the face of a loss. But then there it was, game day.

As I loaded the girls on the bus they were excited to go to Yorkson Creek Middle School for their game. For many of these girls, it was the very first basketball game they had played outside of gym class. Little did they know it was the very first basketball game I had coached outside of basketball camps. I really wasn’t sure how the girls would play under pressure and unfortunately the first game was very discouraging for them. They were out-matched and just trying to …