Getting to the Heart

Youth praying for our spiritual life speaker

My name is Megan Adam and I am the Executive Assistant for Langley Youth Unlimited, currently on maternity leave. I have worked with Derian for 4 years now and have seen him grow in so many different areas of his life during this time. Not only has he played a role in my own spiritual life but he also continues to make a positive impact for the students and Langley team.

One of the things I love about Derian is his willingness to ask the tough questions. He is not afraid to get his hands dirty and go right to the issues of the heart. This can be a bit of a shock to youth, who are often not ready to share on that level but because of his boldness, I have seen youth open up in ways that possibly would have not happened otherwise. Because of his bravery, youth’s lives are being changed. These questions and promptings are causing them to think about parts of their lives in ways they have not before, often times leading to reflection and desire for change.

I believe that when Derian sees a room full of people, his love for them blinds him to their differences (in a good way). I did not realize, coming to Youth Unlimited, how certain areas of my past made me to feel lesser because I was female. Derian has always considered me an equal, never looking down on me because I am younger or a different gender. In many areas, he has actually sought out my opinion and has given me confidence to speak up for myself. He has brought healing to my heart in areas he has not even realized. Derian has placed a value in me that I never had for myself and I see him continue to bring this value to other youth and staff as well.

Derian’s greatest strength is his love for others and his desire to see them know Jesus. He cares deeply. There have been numerous occasions where I have seen tears in his eyes as he shares about a student who is feeling hopelessness or abandonment. He so strongly desires to see the lost found that his heart is consistently broken for what our youth are experiencing. 

As you think about Derian and his ministry, please continue to pray for his strength as he faces the battlelines each day for these youth. He is a strong prayer warrior and with this can often come exhaustion. Also, please pray as he looks to secure additional funding in order to remain in the role he currently holds. When you support Derian, whether through conversation, prayer, or finances, you are supporting a devoted father and husband, a deeply loving youth worker and a man who seeks the Lord with his whole heart. I am thrilled to know Derian and see his passion lived out and look forward to returning from maternity leave to work alongside him again.

- Megan Adam


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