A Message From Our Youth

This month we asked one of our youth to write the main page for our newsletters. We asked them to be honest and open about what the hangar means to them. They came back with this amazing piece of writing:

A Message from a Hangar 17 Student...

The hanger is a wonderful home of creativity and friendship. It’s a place one can always feel welcome and at home. In the two and a half years I’ve been going, the space has evolved to be more welcoming, homey, and accepting to all those who come through.

Visiting the hanger is the biggest highlight of my week, there are always welcoming faces and an accepting environment. The hanger brews a wonderful sense of community and connection, it is the place where most of my friendships have been made and it’s our constant hangout place. The community environment that’s been built is a constant support through the stress of school.

On top of their wonderful art program, their “spiritual life” time has made a huge impact on my own view of the world and has helped me to understand the impact I have on those around me. And the community of the hanger doesn’t just stay in the hanger. It’s always a joy to hang out with the staff from the hanger while at school, it’s a lovely break from the tedium and stress of school work.

The hanger is an all-around amazing place with its’ homey atmosphere, enticing dinners and snacks, and it’s wonderful community.


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