Pink Shirt Day

Some of my designs for Pink Shirt Day

This past month in February, I spent time looking into the youth we work with and the exposure to bullying. February 27th is known as Pink Shirt Day; a day to wear pink and stand up against bullying. 

On the website Bullying Canada it says “The longer a child is bullied, the more likely they are to develop physical, emotional, and psychological scars that can last a lifetime. Bullying can be devastating, leaving children withdrawn, shy and insecure. Kids frequently suffer stomach aches, headaches, panic attacks, and nightmares. They can become unable to sleep – or may sleep too much.” Not only does this affect those being bullied, but the bullies themselves hurt because they have been hurt. It is an unhealthy cycle of youth trying to find themselves and causing hurt to many around them. 

I wanted to make a point to wear a pink shirt on February 27th so I created my own shirt to wear. Soon, I had people wanting one for themselves and ended up selling over twenty shirts. The best part of this experience is the fact that I had one youth, who is now grown and volunteers with us, not only buy a shirt for herself but also chose to buy a shirt for a youth to wear. Many times, we can look at the youth in our generation and see them as selfish or egocentric. However, this small action gave me hope and excitement for the youth we get to work with. 

Bullying affects everyone, not just young people. Whether you have been bullied, seen someone be bullied or been the bully yourself, we all experience it in some way and, as you read above, it can be very dangerous. Thank you for the support and encouragement to do my work with Youth Unlimited Langley. By partnering with me you allow me to be inside the schools and walk alongside these youth who are currently in these physical, emotional, and psychological situations. I am currently looking for support to continue to do this work and with a unexpected loss of a big donor I am down hours. I am not worried but believe God does things for a reason. If you have the time, 
resources or finances to give, it is always appreciated and taken to heart. The people around me, along with God, give me that extra push on the days when it seems difficult to continue. So thank you to all who have given in any capacity in the past. Looking forward to what the next month has to offer. 

- Savannah Notenbomer


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