Let Your Love Overflow

One of our past youth speaking at Spiritual Life

Being a youth worker means you can hear and run into just about anything you could imagine; sometimes even things you would never think possible. I like to think that I have the whole thick skin/soft heart thing down pretty good given my past experiences. Yet I had a moment last week where my heart just broke in two for a young woman. Turns out my skin wasn’t quite thick enough.

What led to me feeling so deeply for her was the fact that I myself am now a parent. And without going into the details of her story, I just couldn’t even begin to imagine how a parent could not show the care or love to their child that they need- it’s completely foreign to me. It’s a concept that I can’t grasp, especially as it doesn’t speak into my experience with parents, and man does that make me lucky, as it seems like growing up in a loving home goes against the norm.

Not only was this foreign to me in my time growing up with my Mom and Dad, but it goes completely against what I’m experiencing now with how I feel about my son. As well, these feelings are foreign to me in my experience with Jesus who has showed care and love for me my whole life. What I was reminded of this last week is that when I lean into my own experiences, I can show what ‘normal’ is to this young woman. I can pass on from my life and daily interactions what care and love can look like. Kirstie and I can’t adopt her or take her home, so we’ll have to settle for doing the next best thing - showing what can be. If it ever comes to mind, keep this young woman in your prayers this month; she could use every single one.

So what I hope to pass on to you, my friends and community, with this reflection is the encouragement to keep doing what you’re doing. Pick up the phone and call your son or daughter, tell them that you love them and are thinking and praying for them, hug your partner a little longer, express the love and care that’s been given to you to those around you. Because how else should we respond when faced with the dark realities of our world? I think Paul summarizes it nicely “may the Lord make your love for one another and for all people grow and overflow, just as our love for you overflows”

Thanks for journeying with me.

- Jon Pue


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