Changing Seasons

At our Youth Drop-In this past year

As we move into the fall, we move into a new phase for the Langley Youth Unlimited team. This past winter saw a significant decrease in our funding. This led to a shift in staffing hours and caused us to refocus. As we took into account staff hours and the finances available to our team, we felt it was necessary to take a step back from how we had been doing things.

What does this mean?

As we go into the fall, we will be turning our focus primarily to our work in two Langley schools, working to build relationships with staff and students. By working in the schools, we are meeting youth where they are and entering into their day to day lives. This consistent presence helps to build up trust as these youth see our staff on a regular basis.

The relationships that begin at the school often grow into time outside of the school. Although these hangouts can often appear surface level and like way too much fun, they are actually necessary building blocks for deeper connections. In working side by side and being available, we are allowing space to share, grow and learn alongside each other.

Our team has noticed a strong desire in several of our youth to go deeper and learn more about Jesus. Because of this, we will be inviting our young friends to journey with our team and explore a bit more about the life of Jesus and what a commitment to Him may look like. In a formalized Spiritual Life setting, we hope to give space and security for students to ask questions that they may not have opportunity for elsewhere.

Although our focus is shifting and our role within the community is changing, we trust that God has gone ahead of us and that everything is for His greater purpose. As we enter into a season of change and heavy fundraising, we ask for your prayer and encouragement for our team.

We also ask for you to prayerfully consider supporting Langley Youth Unlimited in a financial capacity. It costs just $92 per year for us to impact the youth in our demographic. How many youth would you like to see a difference made in this year? If this is something you wish to pursue, you can contact our central office at (604) 590-3759 or


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