Goodbye Summer

Getting comfortable at the new school

Fall is a season of changes, some we might be anxiously anticipating and others might have us resigned to their inevitability. You might still be in denial, trying to squeeze out some extra summer! Then there’s those fall fanatics: binging on pumpkin spice lattes, breaking out their cardigans and Halloween decorations. If you are really keen (or Costco) you are probably already thinking about Christmas season. For me, the fall season typically means two things: endless raking of leaves and a return to routine.

This year, the fall brings more changes than usual. I have chosen to step out of a leadership role at Youth Unlimited and reduce my work hours in order to pursue a Master’s degree in Counselling. I have a couple classes to finish before I start this 2-year journey in January. I have come to realize that counselling is one of the strongest aspects of my ministry, but it is also the part that I am the most limited by in my education and professional credentials.

You might be wondering at this point what this means for me and my role at YU?  Well, my classes will be 2 days per week, which I anticipate allowing me to work part-time for YU until graduation but I have intentionally stepped down from leadership for three reasons: 1) I want to empower Jon and Megan, my amazing coworkers, to take on new levels of leadership. 2) I need time to focus on my classes. 3) I love the simplicity of just being a Youth Worker.

Allison and I said yes to this crazy idea because we felt it would open doors without closing any in the meantime. So far, it’s been a lot of hard work and sacrifice but God has been affirming this choice in small but significant ways. It has been and will continue to be a faith journey. We covet your prayers for us in this new season.

- Derian Julihn


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