A Shift In Perspective

R.E. Mountain Secondary School

Our team was recently invited to attend a community forum in which different Langley organizations came together to collaborate on the topic of Youth Health and Wellness. Prior to this meeting, a youth forum had been held in which students were asked where they saw gaps within the community. Gaps that were possibly leading to substance use and disconnected youth. During this community meeting it was shared that one of the questions that had been asked by youth to the greater community was, ‘Why can’t you be more like Youth Unlimited?’.

This question came as a bit of a shock to our team. Many of you know that this past season has been a difficult one. A significant cut to our funding has led to staffing changes, reduced hours and pauses in our programs. Instead of being able to dream and plan, we have found ourselves in a time of maintenance and re-evaluating where we pour our time and energy. As we were in a season of pause and discernment, this question gave us great encouragement and shifted our perspective on what it was we were doing.

Despite our current circumstances and, perhaps, the somber mood of the team, God was still clearly using us as part of His greater good. While we were feeling the loss of weekly programs, staff and regular achievements, God was using our consistency in the schools and frequent coffee dates with youth to continue His work within the community. Despite our attitudes, He was still using us. Despite our circumstance, He has still been good.

Although we go into 2020 in a similar state, our moods have shifted and our steps are a bit lighter. We have experienced how despite circumstance; God is still good - something we maybe knew, but had a harder time believing. It is amazing how a simple word or action can greatly change our perspective on something and remind us that God is still in control.


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