Back To School

At R.E. Mountain Secondary

Day 1: “I can’t believe I’m back in school!”

Day 2: “I can’t believe how much homework I have!!”

Day 3: “I can’t believe I’m enjoying the classes as much as I am!!!”

Day 4: “I can’t believe how busy the Skytrain is on a snow day!!!!!!!”

Yes, my Master’s program has FINALLY started. At least that’s the way I feel, given I made this decision almost a year ago. A year is a lot of time to ruminate on a decision. A year is a lot of time to second guess yourself. By the time I was actually sitting in class I was probably on the slightly unhealthy side of over prepared.

Yes, I am also still with Youth Unlimited. I am writing this letter as I sit in our room at Walnut Grove Secondary School. This sacred space is often filled with laughter and joy and almost as equally filled with stories of struggle and pain. Today I might play Uno and debate the latest Stars Wars film. Or I might share my lunch with a youth who did not have one and listen to the very real pain behind their self-deprecating jokes. I never know what the day will bring but thanks to people like you who support our ministry I am able to be present.

 “Joy never denies, represses, or avoids. It wraps its arms round the full spectrum of human experience: doubt, angst, betrayal, loss.” Rob Bell’s thoughts on joy have profoundly resonated with me this winter as we have sought to be present in the fullness of the human experience. 

Happy New Year!

- Derian Julihn

Visiting a young person in the hospital with my team

Timbit Tuesday at Mountainview Alliance
- a community partnership


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