Uno & Hot Chocolate

Serving hot chocolate at Walnut Grove Secondary

I thought I was pretty good at handling loud volumes and high pitch until I was surrounded by 8 teens chanting the word ‘yellow’ for half of the lunch hour. Every Thursday, our team along with a local youth pastor, open the doors of a classroom at a local high school for students who want a place to hang out to play games. We have a Wii set up, air hockey, colouring books and the ever-competitive card game of Uno. I often find myself settled at the Uno table and this particular week a student would try to turn the odds in her favour by chanting yellow whenever someone played a ‘change colour’ card. By the end of the lunch hour, the whole table was chanting (screaming, really) the word ‘yellow’ and my ears were ringing for the rest of the day.

Perhaps one of the greatest values that the team at Youth Unlimited shares is consistency. This consistency, of
being present in the school on a regular basis, is what shows youth that we want to be a part of their lives. That we want to show up where they are and be a part of the day to day. This consistency is what built a strong enough relationship for my co-worker to be available when a youth attempted to end their life through medication overdose. This consistency is why counsellors connect our youth workers with students in need of extra support. And this consistency is what the school sees and, in turn, asks for us to be the ones to serve hot chocolate during their memorial service for those who have overdosed within the community.

Showing up does not mean having the answers or giving advice. Showing up means being present, asking questions when necessary and mostly just being available to listen. Beginning 2020, I will continue to handle the administrative tasks of the team while joining them for the occasional youth work task, such as the Games Hub on Thursday’s. I am continuing to fundraise for my position and am looking to raise approximately $2,000/month of continued support.

Matt, Evelyn and I enjoyed a two-week break over the winter holiday’s and have now settled back into routine. Matt works on the maintenance team at Trinity Western University and loves the opportunity to build connections with students. Evelyn is in daycare four days a week where she is loving the social outlet. She is a complete goofball, very busy and slightly sassy. We have been enjoying this stage of life.

Thank you for being a part of my support team, through prayer, finances and/or reading these letters. This work is made so much richer knowing that there is a great support base behind each of us.

- Megan Adam

The first snow of 2020!

Timbit Tuesday with Mountainview Alliance
- a community partnership


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