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March Prayer Requests

- pray for Jon as he steps into the role of Area Director for Langley - pray for Danny as he transitions into the role of Community Engagement Coordinator - pray for the students who we have been talking with who are struggling with their mental health; it’s a hard journey to walk

The Other Side

At our new, after school, Pokemon Club Grade 8/9: lots of games and fun, building trust, meeting parents. Grade 10: life isn’t as simple as they thought, things are harder, friends are hurting Grade 11: mental health, family, life/death, drugs, sex and sexuality Grade 12: next steps, graduation, they’re alive, we celebrate that. After going through a full high school rotation with some teens, it has been interesting to see where they come out on the other side. Some don’t need me at all anymore, and that is a very good thing. It means that they are starting to experience a healthy life; emotionally, socially, spiritually, intellectually, and physically. Not everyone gets to this point though. There are three young men in particular that I have continued to walk with beyond high school. One has grown a lot and is exploring faith with us each week, unknowingly becoming the “religious” person he spoke so harshly against 4 years ago. Now he is attending a weekly faith

"I Cry Every Day"

Evelyn got to experience the high school It was 2pm and our team was holding an impromptu staff meeting in ‘The Living Room’, our room at Walnut Grove Secondary School. It was then that the student entered and plunked themselves down on one of the couches. ‘Where have you been?’, they demanded, ‘The board said you were supposed to be in yesterday but you weren’t and I sat in the hallway all lunch hour because you weren’t here!’. The conversation progressed and this student began to divulge a deep sadness that they were experiencing on a daily basis, summing it up with the words, ‘I basically cry every day’. The sacred space that these youth allow us to enter into is not lost on me. My frequency at the school is very limited, as most of my hours are spent on admin work. So it felt incredibly honouring to be allowed to experience the depths of this student’s emotion and gave me a greater appreciation for what my coworkers do on a weekly basis – their consistent presence, and th

Renewed Vision

Jon will be taking over as Area Director as I step into my new role One evening after putting my kids to bed and tidying the house I finally got a chance to sit. As I did, my vision suddenly turned into an array of bright shapes and colors, as if I was viewing the world through a kaleidoscope. I was able to make my way to bed and fall asleep. The next day everything seemed fine.   Losing vision is a scary thing. I have an elderly neighbor I visit often who faces blindness more and more each day. It affects independence, safety and perception. While this incident only lasted a short time for me, his experience was echoing through my mind and I knew I should get things sorted out. I checked in with my eye doctor. She told me, after an examination, that I’d experienced an ocular migraine. She informed me that unless I took steps to reduce my stress I’d likely have more frequent and severe reactions. My family doctor confirmed this and showed high concern for my health in this

Changes Within Langley YU

As of February 18th, Langley welcomed Jon Pue into the role of Area Director. Danny Ferguson has faithfully served as Langley Area Director for 15 years and is beginning a new role within Greater Vancouver Youth Unlimited as the Community Engagement Coordinator. He will continue to work one day per week in Langley as a Youth Worker. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Jon. I’ve been working alongside Danny, Megan, Derian, and Amy for the last 5 years as a youth worker here in Langley. I’m a family man, a lover of story, laughter, and fun. I was called into Youth Ministry at 19 and wanted to shape my life after the Man who found the poor and others on the outside and brought them life. I was able to live out this calling to bring hope and potential to young people here in Langley at Youth Unlimited. This month I’m stepping into the role of Area Director. I have been humbled by the support and encouragement shown to me from Greater Vancouver Youth Unlimited, th