Changes Within Langley YU

As of February 18th, Langley welcomed Jon Pue into the role of Area Director. Danny Ferguson has faithfully served as Langley Area Director for 15 years and is beginning a new role within Greater Vancouver Youth Unlimited as the Community Engagement Coordinator. He will continue to work one day per week in Langley as a Youth Worker.

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Jon. I’ve been working alongside Danny, Megan, Derian, and Amy for the last 5 years as a youth worker here in Langley. I’m a family man, a lover of story, laughter, and fun. I was called into Youth Ministry at 19 and wanted to shape my life after the Man who found the poor and others on the outside and brought them life. I was able to live out this calling to bring hope and potential to young people here in Langley at Youth Unlimited.

This month I’m stepping into the role of Area Director. I have been humbled by the support and
encouragement shown to me from Greater Vancouver Youth Unlimited, the Langley team, family, friends, and the community. After the time that I’ve invested into young people here, there is honestly no other place that I would rather be. I love our teenagers here, I love our city, and I can’t wait to see what God is going to do with us in all the years ahead.

So much of what we do in connecting youth and transforming lives is based around us providing safe spaces. Whether that’s out for coffee, sitting next to a teenager at lunch, having a safe space for teens at their school, or being next to them in a hospital bed. All that we do can be defined by bringing this safe space and presence to vulnerable youth. This space allows teens to grow in every aspect of their life because it assures them that they are loved and connected to someone who cares.

So, what will these spaces look like over the next few years? Well, I’m not sure, but I do look forward to walking alongside you to find out. 

Thanks for journeying with us,

Jon Pue


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