"I Cry Every Day"

Evelyn got to experience the high school

It was 2pm and our team was holding an impromptu staff meeting in ‘The Living Room’, our room at Walnut Grove Secondary School. It was then that the student entered and plunked themselves down on one of the couches. ‘Where have you been?’, they demanded, ‘The board said you were supposed to be in yesterday but you weren’t and I sat in the hallway all lunch hour because you weren’t here!’.

The conversation progressed and this student began to divulge a deep sadness that they were experiencing on a daily basis, summing it up with the words, ‘I basically cry every day’.

The sacred space that these youth allow us to enter into is not lost on me. My frequency at the school is very limited, as most of my hours are spent on admin work. So it felt incredibly honouring to be allowed to experience the depths of this student’s emotion and gave me a greater appreciation for what my coworkers do on a weekly basis – their consistent presence, and the trust that has built, allowed me to get a glimpse into this student’s life.

Big Changes!

I have some exciting news! After much prayer and discernment, I have applied for and accepted a job within Greater Vancouver Youth Unlimited (GVYU).  Same organization but instead of working specifically in Langley, I will be doing an administrative position that works for the whole of Greater Vancouver (there are 9 areas, total, within GVYU). 20 hours a week will be spent at the central office and 12 hours a week will be spent continuing my
administrative work for Langley.

My new role will share a lot of the same tasks I have been doing for Langley, but they will be done within the context of the greater organization. I will have the opportunity to assist our Human Resources department as well as take on some Personal Assistant work for our Executive Director.

I am excited to grow myself as an individual and challenge myself as I take on new responsibilities. But the thing I am most grateful for is that I can continue working in Langley with the team that has become like family to me.

If you pray, I ask for prayer for myself and my family as we adjust to a new working role. Also prayer for the student I mentioned earlier – that they would see themselves as God sees them; deeply loved.


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