Adapting To Change

Very promptly, everything changed in our world. Schools closed, parents were laid off of work, and home became the main place to be. Normal rhythms are all thrown off in light of this pandemic but even still, who we are has not changed. We still care deeply about our teens and our community. Our philosophy of being responsive and meeting teenagers where they are at is as important now as ever before.

As a team we have been able to respond quickly by creating spaces for interaction, growth, connection, and fun in a safe way online. It is still very much in keeping with who we are and our philosophy of ministry.

We began a virtual youth worker rotation, ensuring one of our staff members was available each weekday between 12 and 4pm if teens felt they needed someone to chat with. It’s important to set the space and to have a consistent place and presence. It may not always get accessed but having that point of consistency when things are increasingly inconsistent is so important.

Each day we hold a scheduled online engagement of some sort to supplement the conversations and connections made each day. Some of these are through online games, homework club, weekly live art tutorials and the continuation of our Spiritual Life program, just online. Times have been challenging but we are still showing up, virtually, and meeting teens where they are.

If you pray, please keep the youth we are connected to in your prayers. Home is not always safe and without the routine of school or work, these uncertain times can heighten already existing mental health conditions. There’s a lot of hurt but there’s also a lot of hope. Thanks for helping to bring that hope to young people in a hurting time.

- Jon Pue


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