There Are Still Good Things

Yoga class over Zoom

Hello friends! I wanted to write to you and tell you that amidst the chaos, there are still good things happening over here. There have still been many opportunities to love people in our community and we have been well provided for in many ways. The last thing I wanted to write was another piece of pandemic material, but I feel that it is important to keep you updated on what has been happening.

I am sure that most of you agree that the seriousness of the pandemic escalated quite quickly and shook the way we run our programs as a relational organization. We quickly shifted to running all of our programs online. In-person meet ups became online video calls. Playing games together in person became playing games together online. Exercise together became streaming online fitness sessions and doing them together. Eating together and having good discussions became sending a skip the dishes order to a youths house, journal group, and a voice chat for spiritual life. Art together became tutorials run online that youth could follow along to with a basic art supplies kit that was put together and dropped off.

Things have changed but I have been so encouraged by the support of the community and people that I have in my life. Last week I stopped by a local coffee shop to get a to-go order. I have been making an intentional effort to support local businesses, and decided to pick up some cinnamon buns and a few snacks from Porters Coffee House. As I was there I stopped to talk (from a distance) to Bill, who operates the shop with his wife. Bill and Karin have been ongoing supporters of the work we do in Langley. He asked about how the youth are doing and I told him about a few of the families that have been struggling with layoffs, and some single parents that have been struggling. He did not hesitate to offer food packages to the families in the community, and their generosity really encouraged me. I stopped by the next day and picked up these food packages. They included frozen meals and some fresh baked items. They really went above and beyond!

I dropped off a few food packages to the families that I had direct contact with and access to their addresses (they were very grateful!). I do not have the addresses for some of the families that we work with, so I contacted the school. They told me that they are running a meal plan for families that have signed up for extra support at this time and have had over 20 families participating. Personally, I do not work with all of the families, but the school was so grateful to have a donation to help feed families in need for the youth that I do have contact with.

Things have been difficult for so many of us with the new regulations that are in place but I have found some encouraging things to focus on. I am so thankful to be part of a community that works together to provide support for youth and their families. I am so encouraged to be able to work together and find creative ways to share love with the people that are hurting and struggling at this time. Sometimes, even in the messiness, we find small things to celebrate.

Thank you for your ongoing love and support! The opportunity to fill these needs in the community couldn’t be done without you!

- Amy Seiler


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