All That's Left Is To Follow


Refamiliarizing ourselves with the school hallways.

Friends and Family,

Thanks for hanging in there with me. I really appreciate and value you. Your support and knowing that the team is behind me has made this tough season easier. Thank you. 

May and June:

As things started to open up a bit more, it was clear from the young people I was talking to that they were done with being by themselves and attempting to maintain connection with digital alternatives. Add in online school and it’s a whole other level of stress and complication. So throughout May and June, a lot of my time was spent on front lawns having conversations, dropping off gift cards, and making myself as safely present as possible.

On Wednesday nights we continued to connect for Spiritual Life online as this seemed to work the best between different work schedules and comfort levels for the young adults in our sphere. We witnessed meaningful connection and conversations about Jesus by exploring his life through reading or watching resources. It’s so encouraging to see how they participate in discussions about Jesus now from how they initially did 4 years ago. Just goes to show the importance of relationship and trust when entering into these big conversations.


We didn’t think it would happen but about a week before it started we found out that Gator Shades was going to be happening this summer after all! WGSS was the only school in the district to put it on so without much funding or the ability to be able to do field trips, we still pulled off 4 great weeks. We brought in a few volunteers to lead fun exercises, a comic book artist to show stages of drawing, and led our own art projects as well. 

As a refresher, the purpose of Gator Shades is for Grade 7 students coming into Grade 8 who might get missed coming into a big school. It helps take away some anxiety about what’s coming and allows us to build trust and relationship with these teens for 2 weeks (x2 groups) straight before September even comes around. I liken it to a public school VBS.

As per my normal rhythm, I took the majority of my vacation time in August. It was filled with lots of family time, a trip to Whistler, and soaking up being with the kids before school started for Roland and Kirstie heads back to work.

To finish up, it has been a hard season. It’s been very busy with the added pressures of the move, finding a new space, and keeping up with the teens in Langley. As someone that values consistency and presence, it’s a hard struggle when there are so many ways for that to be disrupted when building team and patterns for our young people. But I did title this update ‘Hold Fast’ 5 years ago when I started. So that’s what I plan to continue doing, holding onto faith and knowing that Jesus has walked ahead of me in all this uncertainty- and all that’s left of me is to follow.


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