"Does Anybody Care?"

Most of August involved packing and selling hangar items!
Most of August involved packing and selling hangar items.

“I’m partly somebody else trying to fit in and say the right thing and do the right thing and be in the right place and wear what everybody else is wearing. Sometimes I think we’re all trying to be shadows of each other.”

“I’m not very popular. I wish I were popular and beautiful and wealthy and talented. Wouldn’t it be nice to be like that?”

These are quotes from the diary of a 14-year-old student. It may look familiar to you, or it may not. It is something we have all experienced from time to time, but here is the kicker. This diary was published in 1971.

Over the summer I had taken a quick weekend away to restore from the hectic season and prepare for the coming hectic school year. I decided on a quick little road trip up the canyon. I stopped off in Lytton for a small driving break and saw a free library and picked up a book there to look through. The book I grabbed is called “Go Ask Alice”, and it is the diary of a girl going through high school. The thing I realized as I was reading this book is that some things never change. 

While walking the halls at the school I ran into Jess*. High school and the pressures that come with it are very overwhelming for many students and she shared with me that this is the reality that she faces. This is also her story and many of my other young friends who are figuring out what acceptance looks like. 

Youth are always going to have things that they struggle with. They are always going to experience the difficult things that come with growing up and things changing. They are always going to need love and support and they are always going to need guidance in an always changing world. Even though we no longer bring “gelatin salads” to birthday parties anymore, like they did in the 70’s, the same questions remain for youth in our community. 

“Does anybody care about me?”

I am so thankful to be able to answer “yes” to this question that so many youth ask. I am so thankful to be able to demonstrate unconditional love and care to these young friends as they learn to navigate the world around them. 

If you pray, please join me in praying for Jess* and their friends as they return to school in an uncertain time. 

- Amy Seiler


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