What Lies Ahead

Saying goodbye to our 'home' for the last 6 years.

Fall has arrived and we aren’t entirely sure what this season will look like. If March-August have taught us anything, it’s that we need to hold plans loosely, be adaptable and trust that God is in control.

On a personal front, summer felt like a breath of fresh air after the isolation and unknown of the spring. We had the opportunity to get away for 10 days in July as a family and those days held some much needed connection time and allowed for a break from what had become our normal. In August, I was able to take some more time off by myself which I used to get some things done around the house. Something that is very difficult to do with a toddler, I have found.

With the pace slowing at work over the summer months I was able to focus on some tasks that I wouldn’t have time for throughout the year. Fun things like policy manuals and HR software training. Our biggest task over the summer was packing and moving out of our office space at the hangar. We have since settled into a new space at Langley Vineyard Church where we will be able to have our offices as well as a youth hangout space for when we can meet back together.

I have less than two months left of work before I begin a year of maternity leave. Although I eagerly anticipate our new arrival and look forward to welcoming whomever has been growing inside of me, I will miss my work family. These remaining weeks will involve training a couple of people to take over both of my positions as well as doing my best to set my team up as best I can. My current plan is to return to work after a 12-month leave.

If you pray, please pray for our teams as they continue to meet with youth in times that are still strange and different. Pray that our organization would feel peace moving forward and confident that God has gone before and continues to pave away. Pray for and think about Matt, Evelyn and I in the coming months as we anticipate a new arrival but also consider how things will shift in our family. We are so excited to welcome this new life and praise God for this gift.

- Megan Adam


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