A Lot of Love


Such a privilege to still be meeting up after all these years!

Friends and Family,

There’s a lot happening right now in the world. An election looming that is full of extremes and feelings, racial injustices, COVID-19 creeping closer and closer towards our homes and neighborhoods, anxiety with how schools are running, still being in the same place, not seeing family or loved ones in almost a year. It’s a lot to be bombarded with every day, and it takes its toll on us - whether we’re aware of it or not. There’s a lot that feels unjust and a lot that affects us in our day to day lives. It’s a lot.
For me it can feel like I’m staring up at a tidal wave and there’s not much else I can do but to yell at it. If you’re familiar with the old prophet Habakkuk, I imagine he felt very similarly watching his country and home get run over, feeling like everything’s falling away from him; and then staring up at his tidal wave of injustice asking that question we have all thought at some point: why? Why God?
God’s justice lives through us. Easier said than experienced right? We’re asked to be there with others while the wave is crashing down around them. To grieve, to feel, and intercede for those whose voices are being quieted.
Listening to a sermon the other day, I was reminded of my part in all this. I get to lead a small team where we get to enter into those spaces of injustice. Now, that might look different from the big picture or your life or context. But it’s still there, it can look like loneliness. It can look like sadness, it can look like having disengaged parents, it can look like an overdose caused by peer pressure. There are moments all around us, and in those moments, justice looks a lot like love.
For me I get to walk alongside my team in these moments. In a lunchroom, in the smoke pit, over a coffee, outside sitting against the wall at school, or even lunch with a young man I’ve walked alongside for years.
So when faced with that tidal wave that looms over so many of us, instead of yelling at it, this sermon reminded me that I get to participate in these small acts of love towards others. The small act of meeting teens where they’re at can help to stop this wave.
If you’ve had similar feelings, join me in listening to the quiet voices and looking for those moments filled with a small (great) act of love.

Thanks for journeying with me,

- Jon Pue


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