Light on the Horizon


As I write this, we are nearing the one-year mark of when we went into lockdown. It was a year ago that things shifted, but coming out of Spring Break now, our outlook seems to be a whole lot brighter.

When I first started with Youth Unlimited, I was asked what I wanted to name my personal newsletter. Some ideas were, “Jon’s Stories,” or, “Jon’s Updates” – something along those lines. I ended up going with the title “Hold Fast,” which comes from a couple places: it’s mentioned a few times in the Bible in reference to holding onto faith and truth, and it also refers to sailors when going through a storm. 

It’s the idea of holding on tight to the lines of a sail so they don’t get stripped loose, or else you’ll lose your direction in the storm. It is so important to not let go, but to keep holding these lines. Sure, it might be tough in the moment, but if you hold true and hold fast, the storm will pass. You’ll be a better sailor for it, too. This imagery oozes with symbolism of holding onto hope, which is so important for us.

I know the storms have been around us all – in our work and family lives. For me, there have been constant shifts and changes on the staff team and changes in location, all while trying to remain consistent for my kids. There have been rough waters to ride and now a year has passed since I first wrote an update on change and COVID adaptations, but it looks like the sun is about to break on the horizon. There is some light up ahead and I think we’re all excited for the storm to lift.

One thing that has been bringing me some hope is the positive changes I see coming. Youth Unlimited  Langley has been working tirelessly investing into two of our high schools offering emotional, relational, and practical support, being available to go on mentoring walks, and being a consistent online presence to offer connection and spaces for youth to grow and be themselves in. And, of course, to have some fun.

With spring and summer just around the corner, we hope to begin shifting a few of our online programs to in-person as we move forward, falling under our current restrictions and guidelines. Coming into the fall, we want to continue to be responsive to the needs in the community as they arise.

So remember, hold fast. The light will break on the horizon soon.

- Jon Pue


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