Looking Forward


“I don’t want it to end at 4:30, I want to stay!” 

I overheard this while talking to a young person during our Creative Life program - pretty cool if you ask me!

It’s been quite the school year, full of its usual expected challenges, and naturally, a slew of other unexpected ones. Especially when you add the COVID-19 changes, the normal ups and downs that youth experience, and a shifting team into the mix, you’ve got to stay on your toes! With that in mind we are looking forward to the year to come. 

One of our hopes is to grow the team by adding in another Youth Worker as well as a Creative Life Coordinator.

I would love to see growth in our Campus Life partnerships. We’ve found it to be so crucial for our teams to be fostering relationships within schools with students. It has been a great connector and springboard into both mentoring relationships and programming.

We were able to relaunch Creative Life at the beginning of April, and now that we’re a couple months into it, we’re loving having this space for growth, meaningful connection, and conversations all the more. We’ve been able to partner with a local coffee shop near our office and use their patio space to set up and rotate through a couple of art projects. Due to restrictions and the space on the patio, we’re only able to have a handful of youth there each Thursday, and we’re finding that our numbers are maxed out already! What is a great problem to have! So as we look forward, we’re hoping to grow this space and find a Creative Life Coordinator to champion on the work already in motion! 

I mention this here because you have all been partnering and journeying with us for some time now. Please feel free to contact me or Kari, or to pass on our information to someone who you think may be a good fit for us and has a heart for our youth and ministry.

Thanks for being here with us!

- Jon Pue


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