Still a Chance


Lunch room at WGSS seems to be getting more full every week!

“I had completely lost my faith in Jesus because of how I’d seen my parents act. It made me feel like there wasn’t a place for me, like I couldn’t do it. But after getting to know Jon and Amy and realizing that they followed Jesus, it made me realize that there was still a chance I could too.”

Hearing things like these gives us all a reason to celebrate. This makes it all worth it. For all the mess and 3-steps-forward 2-steps-back, hearing these types of things is such an encouragement and affirmation. 

And speaking of affirmations, as a team, we recently completed a training for working in schools called Violent Threat Risk Assessment/Digital Threat Assessment put on by Safer Schools. It’s all about working together across different organizations to put different pieces of the puzzle together when it comes to violent threats and risks that arise. It emerged out of the Columbine shootings in 1999 - they had realized that if everyone had worked together (counsellors, youth workers, peers, teachers), there would’ve been a greater chance in preventing it. So between all these people and with such a wealth of information, the biggest answer to come out of this was simple: youth need a loving caring adult outside of their family in their lives.

It was a great reminder that for all the slow moments, or games, or big talks, that it’s all so important and contributing to making a real difference. Even if you feel like you’re not making a difference, you still are. Pretty amazing, hey?

Before I end for today, there are a few things I want to share with you that have been getting me excited lately. I could easily elaborate on each of these points to make a full update, but for the sake of brevity, here’s a snapshot:

1. Old youth have been coming back as volunteers. It’s pretty awesome that we get to keep inviting them into our lives in this way.
2. Reading Bruxy Cavey’s End of Religion with two of my older guys. (The one still says he’s not religious in any way, yet knows more and engages more about Jesus than most people I know, haha.)
3. Creative Life is back up and running, and what an awesome thing to have a safe space for meaningful connection.
4. One of our old Langley youth is joining up with Youth Unlimited’s Lifehouse (a new 6-week discipleship and community living program which I am so excited about!)
5. I have a few opportunities coming up for me that will allow for some more creativity as well as teaching components.
6. In just a few weeks we have Gator Shades sessions lined up and I can’t wait!

I’m truly thankful for you all and for sticking with me! I look forward to connecting over meals once again in the months to come!

- Jon Pue


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