Fear to Excitement


Have you ever noticed how fear and excitement can elicit a similar response in your body? A pounding heart, sweaty palms, and difficulty concentrating can accompany both. But it’s our reaction to these emotions that truly set them apart. If something holds excitement, we look forward to it and revel in the feeling. Counter to that, fear is something we work to actively avoid. If we know a particular situation might evoke that response, most of us will choose to not participate.

Yet what if a situation generates both emotions? Going for a job interview with a company we really want to be a part of, watching a scary movie, going out on a first date. The nerves can stand right alongside that anticipation. In working with Youth Unlimited, each individual feels that mix at different moments in their day. One of our Lifeteamers scheduling their first one-on-one with a youth, reaching out to people to see if they want to partner with us financially or in prayer, starting up a new program and not knowing if any kids will show up.

Leading up to the moment, the fear might bring about feelings of doubt or insecurity but it’s that underlying current of excitement that reminds us of the possibilities that could follow. It’s up to us as individuals to decide which emotion will rule our thinking in the end – one that foresees the worst and another that hopes for the best. 

If in the coming months you encounter one of those moments of excitement and fear, I would encourage you to take that step outside of your comfort zone with me and see what we can accomplish.

- Kim Solomon

Friday, November 19th we'll be sleeping outside to raise support for youth at risk of homelessness. If you would like to support us in this, please go to www.youthunlimited.com/yunite and chose Team Langley


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