A Complete Rewind

 You know, I wish I could say that the year 2022 has gotten off to a great start. But truthfully, it’s been tough! Not exactly the picture perfect ‘here are my goals and here’s how I’m going to achieve it’ that I would normally be looking at around this time. Don’t get me wrong, I had ideas and plans for how things were going to go but it seems God had different plans. I don’t think He’s fully caught me up yet as to what those are - but that seems to be a common occurrence Him these last few years. 

After the latest bout of restrictions were announced I remember pulling up to school and feeling like I had taken a time machine. The timing was different, the procedures and practices were all rewound one year. I remember getting my bearings quickly and then checking out old spots where youth ate lunch the year before - and sure enough they were all right back in the same places. Honestly, I feel like this goes one layer deeper because emotionally they all seemed to be rewound right back a whole year into the same place they had been. Tired, lacking hope, cracking jokes at their own worth, exhausted from adapting. I’m sure you can understand at this point too. 

When I was reflecting over 2021 with my staff and talking about what needs we are meeting and where we can do better, it came up that there just seems to be a loss of interest in spirituality because everyone is just too tired. Anything outside of themselves is too much. And from my conversations with youth as well, every morsel is going towards their mental health and making it through the next day of school or work. 

And honestly? I get it. It’s hard being a hope dealer in a climate that joins the inner self voices saying that there is no hope. The only response is that motivation through my faith to keep showing up and knowing that setting these places and moments of love and safety is doing more than I realize it is. 

As a team, we’ve been discerning some of the things that we’re good at and how are programs are going to look for the rest of the year. Between restrictions and guidelines still changing, we want to be meeting youth as best as we still can. 

As a family, we’ve had our turn this past month as well with being sick and doing our best to follow what’s asked of us to keep others healthy, all while supporting one another as our dad has been in hospital for some testing of his heart. 

 So if you can join with me in prayer about these things or, if you’re not from a faith background, be thinking about these things too as we continue into February. 

Thank you to everyone who’s been journeying alongside us this past year and for all of you who supported us so well these last few years, thank you.

- Jon Pue


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