Consistency Counts


5 years ago, I responded to a call from a youth I had been working with for a few years. They were in rough shape at the time and contemplating suicide. In that moment, I called the police and showed up to support the family as they walked through this extremely challenging time in their lives. 

After that day, I planned a meet up with them to talk about some things and figure out how to get through this emotional and uncertain time in their life. 

 We decided that on hard days, they would keep looking to the future and hold on to whatever hope they could find in that moment. We set a date to look forward to - April 22, 2022. I wrote it on a piece of paper and we each kept a copy. I still have it stuck to my mirror. I look at it every day and whenever I see it, I take a moment to pray for them. It’s now been 5 years from that point; only a couple months from the date we set to look forward to. Looking at that paper now, I think of how much they’ve accomplished since then. 

 In that span of 5 years, they have come so far and are doing so well! They are working full time and are looking at going to school for a child and youth care program. Currently focusing on upgrading a few classes, they’re looking forward to starting the program soon after! 

Over the years, we have been through a lot together and even though their situation hasn’t always been ideal and life hasn’t been easy, we’ve made it to five years later. They’re still here. And it is so amazing to walk alongside them and watch them grow. 

The thing is, I haven’t always known what to do in these situations as they have come up. Every circumstance is different and carries a new underlying layer that one has to navigate through. But the secret is, we work through them together. In the long run, it is the consistency that counts. 

 Thank you so much for journeying with me through this. The last few years have been a very long rollercoaster with many twists, turns and changes, and I am so grateful for your support. I couldn’t do this work without your support and prayers. Thank you for being with me in this wild life. I am so very thankful. 

 Your friend,

Amy Seiler


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