Not Ours Alone


We believe that this work is not ours alone. Every few months we put together these newsletters so that you can share in the joys and struggles of this work. Many of you support the work we do through your prayers and partnerships, advocating for us in countless unseen ways; supporting our Christmas hampers, volunteering your time or equipping us with the financial support and tools we need to be in the everyday lives of youth. January has started with more changes as restrictions were added on for the schools. We are so thankful to still be welcomed in, even if things look a bit different again. Constantly adapting to these changes can be exhausting but we are forever grateful for the opportunities we’ve been presented with and are looking forward to where we’ll be lead in the coming months. If you are someone who prays, please take a look at our prayer requests. As always, thank you for coming along with us on this journey. Thanks for believing and investing in us. After all “it takes a village” to live out these dreams.


- Thankfulness that we are still able to be involved in our partner schools despite constant changes 

- The funds raised from YUnite Outside in November went beyond our expectations! We are so grateful for everyone who supported us both financially and in their prayers for this event 

- Please pray for our staff members who are actively fundraising at this time 

- We are continually looking for a safe space to invite youth in that is closer to the schools we are involved in. Please pray for opportunities we would never expect to present themselves so that we can work closely alongside our community 

- With the constant need to adapt, exhaustion can quickly set in. Please pray for our team as we navigate the coming months, as well as, for our programs as we look to make them more accessible to the youth we serve


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