Beyond our Belief


“I didn’t realize how good I had it in high school- there were people and support all over me and now that I’ve been out for two years I feel worse than ever and there’s no help.” 

This same thought has been so prevalent for a lot of our young adults. Those who we’ve been walking alongside for years now through drop in, art programs, meals together, memories, spiritual life small group, high school hallways and lunch hours- all the opportunities you’ve been tracking with me over the years. 

 We heard that there was a need and want to gather together again for our Spiritual Life time from these young adults, especially now that it’s easier to do so. And wow, what an easy yes that was. Spiritual Life (name inspired by Henri Nouwen’s thoughts and discussions on our inner faith journey) is a time for this incredibly mixed bag of young people from all different walks to belong, feel safe, talk about life struggles, faith issues, ask questions they may not want to ask in other ‘christian’ settings, and offer up prayer requests together. 

It was during this time that I turned around while making coffee for one of our youth and heard them say “You know, you saved my life”. Pardon, did I hear that right? “Oh? When was that?” I asked. And they went on to tell me how about 4 years I had found them sitting on the curb outside their school. I sat with them and visited for a while, asking about their day and what had happened. When it had started to rain, I offered them a ride home. They declined but I insisted saying I would be happy to and that I was literally going right by their place. What I was unaware of at that time was their intention to jump off a bridge into oncoming traffic. 

 I have no idea whether this was a plan or thought at that time, and I smile as I reflect on learning this so many years later. The best part of doing this work is that we really have no idea what God behind the scenes or through us at any given moment. My role could have easily been done by any other person yet it just proves further what God told the prophet Habbakuk that he’s doing something in our time that we wouldn’t believe even if told. 

Amy and I ended the night praying for everyone. We were crying, overwhelmed with pride and gratefulness that all these awesome people were still here and alive and with us after all these years and all the things they’ve overcome. I can’t wait for the next one time we can gather with them in this setting. 

On the family side of things Kirstie and I are just coming back from spending time at the YFC retreat centre in Honeymoon Bay for a much needed time of rest and recovery after what’s been a hard and tiring time for us. We’re grateful for the opportunity and the care shown for us. Now, we’re feeling ready for this last stretch that takes us into Summer time. 

Thanks for journeying with us, I am so grateful to have you next to us for the ride in this life.

- Jon Pue


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