Sharing a Meal


And just like that, half of 2022 has passed! 

Clearing a room, organizing each item so that everything has a place. Once it’s all done, you’re left with the most satisfying feeling. This might sound like a joke but I assure you, there’s no sarcasm for me. I’ve always thought that one day I’ll just end up starting an organization business; just go full Marie Kondo! Half of the year has passed – schools are winding down for the year and the weather is slowly catching up with the idea that summer is approaching. As things start to slow down, I’ve had the chance to join my team in Maple Ridge in organizing one of the school’s kitchens where they regularly serve breakfast to hundreds of kids a year. As someone who often works behind the scenes, it always fills my heart to be a part of these types of things and meet some of the school staff that my team work alongside every week. 

Just this past year, we had the opportunity to start a new after school cooking program that has taken off in such an incredible way! Many of the youth we serve don’t know what it means to cook a meal then sit down for a family dinner. It’s surprising to learn how many students’ only experience in the kitchen has been opening the door to the fridge. So, with the amazing help of Chef Brent, we’ve had the opportunity to watch these youth learn and grow skills they never knew they could have. Each class, they make a meal large enough for 5 so that they can bring it home to share with their families. We’ve had to cap the amount of students due to the program’s growing popularity, which makes us excited for where this could go in the next year! 

The fast approaching summer break means Gator Shades (summer program for youth), one-on-one meetings and more to continue those connections through the school summer breaks. I’ll personally be using the slower months to plan out the next school year for both Langley and Maple Ridge so that we can be prepared to dive back in and serve those in our community. There are some pretty exciting opportunities that we have the chance to be a part of in the Fall and I’m excited to share more about them as the time gets closer. 

Thank you for being a part of this journey with me.

    - Kim Solomon


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