Hello everyone!

This past summer held some of my normal rhythms - graduation ceremonies, wrapping up the school year with some of my young people, getting to be a part of Gator Shades at WGSS during July again, and taking my holiday time to be with family and vacation in August. But unlike the past three years, we finally were able to once again hold our national ministry conference again for YFC Canada! We were the host chapter and the conference was held up at Rockridge Canyon for roughly a week. I would say it was a highlight for a few reasons.

Firstly, reconnecting in person with coworkers and friends from across Canada. Getting to be surrounded by these people in similar ministries is such an encouragement and just good for the soul. It’s such a great reminder that there are people seeing and wrestling with similar challenges in ministry. Being here also included getting to meet my small group from my Arrow Leadership Sharpening Leaders Initiative for the first time in person! Pretty wild when you think about having spent a year and a half together learning and growing. My family was able to join for the conference and I loved to see them catch a glimpse of the bigger picture of who Youth Unlimited is across the country and the world.

Secondly, I got to stretch some different muscles- well, brain muscles (but I’m sure you assumed that knowing me) - by being included in some of the session teaching on emotional health and getting to share my frontline experience with everyone. As well, in May, I got to speak on ‘parenting your teen’ for one of our partner churches- and quite honestly, I very much enjoy these opportunities when they come up. Its fun and outside of my every day normal!

Lastly, I’ve been sitting on a Young Leaders Advisory board with YFC Canada, working closely with the national team, and prior to the conference starting we got to meet in person for a few days (as a fairly newly assembled group) to discuss and bring forth a list of things to the board. It’s a great opportunity with a big impact across the country, so I was thrilled to be able to offer my humble input on these issues being discussed.

As we go through September, this season always feels like the start of the year in this job as school and programming all begins again and its feeling fresh and exciting. Already, I’m quite excited for all the opportunities and new partnerships on the horizon and I can’t wait for you to join alongside in ministry this year!

Thanks for journeying with me,

- Jon Pue


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