Opportunity Knocks


Hello Community!

I am quite looking forward to this school year. Already I have gotten the chance to have quite a few conversations about how we can help serve, care for, and foster spaces of growth for the youth of Langley this school year.

Our goal is to connect vulnerable youth with life. Vulnerability is showing up in all sorts of ways these days and it’s more important now than ever to help our youth feel safe, stable, and accepted. One of my dreams is that the youth we connect with and walk alongside with would have all the connection, tools, and purpose they need to thrive.

Here’s a snapshot of the possibilities for the upcoming school year:

- Mobile drop in with our trailer. We have the opportunity to partner with a local church who are seeing 60+ youth come by everyday at lunch and after school

- The possibility of starting into serving a new school in Langley

- The continuation of serving WGSS by meeting the current needs of the students attending, and running lunch time / after school clubs

- Another year with Lifeteams students, learning what it means to be a vocational youth worker, bringing them alongside these opportunities, and doing so in partnership with another local church

- The potential of new staff and growing our volunteer base as the above start rolling out.

So please stay tuned for updates as I’m sure we’ll be needing help from our community as we lean into the excitement of what God has ahead of us.

- Jon Pue 


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