A New Year


We are all happily settling into 2023 and we sincerely wish your holidays have been great, as is your start to the year. This has been our first chance to say thank you for all your support for Sleepers of Langley at this years YU Night Outside. Together with Elevation Real Estate, we were able to raise $16,997 to go towards Langley operations, programs, and staff. Wow!

A big thank you as well to all who helped and contributed towards our Christmas Hampers this year. Each family was incredibly grateful, and your generosity went above and beyond. So thank you all so much for actively participating in some of things we have going on around here! 

If you’re local to the Langley area and you’re a coffee drinker, we wanted to remind you about one of our ongoing fundraisers. Monogram Coffee has partnered with us a number of years ago, so we are available to sell for retail high quality, ethical coffee for you, and all proceeds go to our Langley Operations. If you’re interested, email Kirstie at langleyyu@youthunlimited.com.

Also, if you know of any youth that would like to be a part of a Creative Life Photo Scavenger Hunt being run by our amazing Life Teamers, please get in touch with us through email and we can send you more details!

If you are only receiving the Langley Area update and would also like to hear more from me, please email langleyyu@youthunlimited.com and we can sign you up to keep you up to date with stories from Jon while he’s at drop in and serving in our high schools as well.

Thanks again,



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