All The Places I've Been

Meeting with Students at Drop In 

Just the other day I got to sit down with one of my young guys to catch up. He had been away for a year in a trade program and had just returned to school having graduated from the program - so naturally we went out to celebrate. We talked about all of the hopeful things the future has for him, especially now that it’s only 5 months until high school graduation, and how quickly that future is coming. I got to express my thankfulness that the COVID lockdown kept him from getting into the trouble that myself and others were worried about; we got to laugh about all the times he came to see me instead of going to punch or yell at someone he was angry with; we looked all the way back to Gator Shades and talked about how much he’s grown and changed as a person. I am quite proud of him because he really has changed so much over the time I’ve known him, and there were so many moments of prayer and worry for this person over the course of these last 5 and a half years. I feel so fortunate to be able to be in the position to be walking alongside this young man, to be an everyday presence of consistency and to be able to be a voice that’s saying God loves you just as you are.

I’ve been brought to all sorts of special places over the last little while,

… lunch celebrating a graduation from a trade program.

…mentoring with my LifeTeams students.

… Ontario with YFCs Young Leaders Advisory Board, working with our National team on how we can better equip and respond to the needs of Young Staff across Canada.

…meeting with young people getting expelled and struggling in their day to day at mobile drop in at Mountain View Alliance every Wednesday. 

…strategic planning with our GVYU leadership team to map out how the next 5 years will look for our organization and for us here in Langley.

…in one on ones with youth who after 3 years of suicidal ideation are actually doing pretty good and ready just to be a kid and have some fun.

There are lots of places I’ve been, but looking at it all, I’m feeling so grateful for all of you who partner with me to enable this ministry. My position is unique and I recognize that. I also recognize the importance of the gap that is filled here in Langley and across Canada. So no matter how it looks, from the big picture to the nitty gritty of everyday lives over years and years, thank you.

- Jon Pue



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