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Bringing New Depth

September 2021      Kick-off assembly at WGSS! “Motivated by our faith, you will find us engaged in the everyday lives of teenagers.”  This statement is as true during summer as ever! Every season presents itself with new opportunities, and without school bells, homework or deadlines, there are more opportunities for adventure with all types of youth from our community. If you have been tracking with us for a while now, you’ll know that every summer we get the opportunity to help with a transitional summer school program called Gator Shades up at Walnut Grove Secondary. If you are unfamiliar with it, this is a program for students in grade 7 who are going into grade 8. The aim is to help them with their transition into one of the largest high schools in BC. It’s fun, practical and a great way to build relationships before September even comes around. This past August while I was on vacation, Amy was doing just that. She was able to get outside and host activities for youth and young ad

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